Rollerchimp has gone to great lengths to make DrumStudio as powerful, fun and intuitive to use as possible.  For an extensive guide detailing Drumstudio’s features and how best to use them, please click below to see the user guide.

DrumStudio – UserGuide

Known Issues:

Drumstudio is currently at its end of life and is no longer getting updated.  But it still works great.  Here are some common problems and solutions that may have crept in with recent ios updates:-

Sound Stops working after switching ios apps:-  

Solution 1: (Quick and Dirty) Just force close the app and then reopen.

Solution 2: Go “Settings / Playback” and change the “Background Audio” option to “Always”.  Note that this is a permanent solution but will cause Drumstuio to always be ‘live’, even when it is in the background.




If you have any questions or problems with DrumStudio, RoboDrummer, Mobile Phone Orchestra or any other rollerchimp apps or installations, shoot me an email at info@rollerchimp.com