Triangulate presents a program of new electroacoustic works inspired by Australian native birds, exploring their calls, behaviours and relationship to environment and space – from natural habitats to urban environments. Electronically manipulated field recordings will subtly blur the line between realism and abstraction to create an enveloping multichannel avian soundscape. The performance was be performed live on a mixture of electronic and natural ‘found-object’ instruments in stunning 8.1 channels.

Whips and Tendrils is the brain child of Karin Senff, Sarah-Leith Izzard and Andrew Bluff(Rollerchimp).  This trio of sound artists work together under the name Triangulate.  For more great Triangulate projects click here.

The Whips and Tendrils project was proudly sponsored by the New Music Network  and the Campbelltown Arts Centre as part of the New Music Network Mini Series and the Sydney Sacred Music Festival.

Check out a stereo mix of the entire performance recorded live at the Campbelltown Arts Centre in September 2013:-