Lit Link is an interactive installation which forms part of Michael Day’s Wagnerlicht travelling exhibition to celebrate Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday.

The installation is a compositional abstraction and spatialisation of the information housed in the score of The Ring Cycle. As the audience move and slowly flail their limbs as one would a conductor, separated instrumental elements of the score are activated one note after the other, constructing a non-linear interactive composition that is based on the sonic content of The Ring Cycle. Eventually through enough interaction all sixteen hours worth of musical material can be uncovered across varying instrumental parts at completely different times. The traditional instruments of The Ring Cycle have been sonically reinterpreted by a number of emerging sound designers to create a constantly evolving orchestra with which to perform this non-linear score. Lit Link seeks to deliver the immense amount of musical information involved in the opera in a way that embraces new technologies and their influence over modern day forms of generative composition.

Sound design by Andrew Bluff, Dean English, Sarah-Leith Izzard, Karin Senff and Sherman Tang.
A big thanks to Danielle Bluff from Something From Nowhere for the video production.

This video shows the festival opening night as a part of Sydney’s Vivid 2013 festival.