These two iPad/iPhone games were created as part of the Creative Vocal Systems for Engaging Speech Therapy research project headed up by Dr. Andrew Johnston at the Creativity and Cognition Studios at the University of Technology, Sydney.    The classic arcade inspired SpeechInvaders and Yakman are vocally controlled by clearly pronouncing specific vowel sounds.  These games can be tailored to accept any set of vowel sounds and can be calibrated to accept the vocal commands from users of any age or sex.

Andrew Bluff (aka Rollerchimp) developed these two iPad/iPhone games using OpenFrameworks and an LPC Audio library by Ananya Misra, Ge Wang and Perry Cook.  Thanks to Rhubarb Swoon for the great design and video production.  This project was made possible by a University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Early Career Researcher Grant.


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SpeechInvaders and Yakman are available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.