Debuting at Bundanon’s annual Siteworks festival that showcases art and science collaborations, Creature is a hybrid interactive art installation and performance piece.  The work presents many of the flora and fauna of the site as interactive graphics elements, utilising the hand chiselled sandstone of Arthur Boyd’s historical Homestead as a large scale projection canvas.

The local fauna is graphically represented by simple three-dimensional models and placed into an interactive fluid simulation.   As the audience or performers move in front of the projection canvas, they effectively stir the fluid simulation.  The fauna inspired shapes that are floating on the surface are in a constant state of flux between distortion and reformation in response to the movements.

The work also incorporates photographed textures of local flora to create a virtual rain shower of interactive flowers and insect. These flowers use Bullet  rigid body physics to simulate gravity and object collisions as they respond to the audience’s movement.

Creature is a collaboration between Andrew Bluff of Rollerchimp, David Clarkson of Stalker Theatre Company and Dr Andrew Johnston of the Creativity and Cognition Studios at the University of Technology, Sydney and features physical performance by Alison Plevey. Thanks to Danielle Bluff and the Bundanon Trust for images used in the work.