End of Life FIRE SALE Now on.. Grab Drumstudio for a steal!

Drumstudio has been going strong on iPhone and iPad for 9 years, but unforutnately its time to admit that its reached its end of life and Rollerchimp will no longer be updating the App.    The good news is, it still works great and you can now grab it at a super cheap EOL FIRE SALE PRICE!

DrumStudio is a mobile drumming powerhouse that lets you quickly and easily create your own realistic drum programming.  Drumstudio has all of the advanced features for seasoned professionals like complex time signatures, flams, chokes and Audiobus integration but it is also very easy to use for even drumming novices.  It’s the perfect tool when learning the drums for the first time.  Created by Rollerchimp for the iPad and iPhone.


+ Finally a drumming app made for real drummers!
+ Record, edit and playback drums all in tab format.
+ Advanced features like flams, drags, rolls and chokes.
+ Plug in a V-Drums or GM-Midi drum kit and record your tasty beats, or play the virtual drum kit for mobile rocking.
+ Send your friends an email of your creation in midi or standard drum notation, right from your phone.
+ Create tracks using DrumStudio’s easy to use editor, or simply touch up any little mistakes.
+ Loop any section or bars by using the slide out loop selector (Hold down loop button)
+ Get your mobile beats into Logic, Protools or Cubase with the midi exporter.
+ Copy and paste tab files straight from your favorite web site.
+ Play back tracks at different tempos and time signatures.
+ Makes learning new beats a breeze.
+ Section editing for quick verse / chorus creation
+ Mix 6/8, 5/4, 7/8 or any time signature in any song
+ Multiple tempos in any song
+ Trusync ipod playback to play along with any itunes song
+ Multiple bar copy and paste
+ Audio copy and paste
+ Audiobus support

iPhone and iPad versions available now via iTunes.

For a user guide and support information please check the DrumStudio Support page.