Rollerchimp (aka Andrew Bluff) is an indie game developer and new media interaction artist specialising in immersive technology to enhance live musical performance, physical theatre and interactive art installations.  Rollerchimp blends his skills in software engineering, interaction design, sound composition and digital art to create interactive VR games, artworks and live events with a quirky sense of fun.   Andrew has recently completed his post-doctoral research at the flagship UTS Animal Logic Academy where film-based CGI and animation skills are coupled with robotics, 3D printing, 3D scanners, CAVEs, motion capture, AR and VR to create innovative and captivating experiences. In 2017, Andrew completed his PhD entitled  Interactive Art, Immersive Technology and Live Performance.

Andrew is currently developing Temporal Riff, a new VR action-puzzler game that fuses music into the core gameplay.  You can check progress on this game at

In addition to his games and interactive live performance work, Andrew has developed the mobile drumming apps DrumStudio and RoboDrummer and received the prestigious App Art Award for his innovative iOS app, Mobile Phone Orchestra.

Andrew has also worked as a professional software developer on many cutting edge sound, lighting and video applications including:-

Vista 2 (Jands) – Innovative lighting console for theatre and live music productions
Pyxis/Evo (Fairlight) – Flagship video/audio digital workstation
Poststation 2 (DspMedia) – A digital audio post production suite
SmartConsole (SmartAV) – Revolutionary large format / small footprint audio mixing console
Hector (Cetnet) – Integrated automation of lighting and AV equipment for smart homes
Nexus (Evolution Broadcast) – Unified touch screen control system for streamlined television production of live sports within Outside Broadcast (OB) vans.

If you want to know more about Rollerchimp, please shoot me an email at


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